Artificial green walls.

When God created the world, he created a the Garden of Eden, a perfect untouched paradise on earth. Our goal is to achieve this perfection, through how we live and see our lives. Our Vertigreen wall panels integrate a perfect natural scenery into your life.

Brighten up your space.

Our Vertigreen Panels and vines are an outstanding way of styling up any space, making it feel morenatural and attractive. They require no maintenance, compared to real plants, which makes them very cost-effective high impact design solution for homes, offices, shops, bards, clubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Artificial vertical green wall panels are perfect for making a remarkable statement wall and bringing a sense of nature to your space (balcony, pool area, space divider and so on). They are also an excellent solution for commercial properties to stand out from the crowd. Ultra-natural vertical green installation can give a warm and attractive welcome to visitors of a restaurant, cafes, hotels, spa, offices or even as a backdrop at a trade show, or create a romantic photo opportunity at your wedding.

Flexible and easy to install.

Easily cut the panels into your required size or shape. Snap and lock the panels together to cover any wall size. Simple installation with hooks, screws or nails, screw directly to the wall or fence or tie wrap to a frame.

Durable and strong.

Waterproof and UV resistant, suitable for indoors or outdoors. All the artificial green wall panels are UV stabilized which means they are suitable for outdoor as wellas indoor use. Ideal for wall coverage where the environment is too dark or cold for a live green wall.


Our vertical green wall panels contain no lead, no heavy metals nor any harmful chemicals. Our REACH, RoHs and PAHs certificates ensure you make the right choice by choosing reliable, high-quality products free of any health risks.

UV protected for long life.

UV 5000H Certified.

This is a question frequently asked by our customers, prompted to a big extent by the climate conditions of Cyprus. How long they can expect their artificial hedges, fences and topiaries to remain in flawless condition? The lifespan of artificial greenery is to a big extent correlated with the material they are made of, and particularly whether that material has been UV treated. A considerably longer service life can be expected of plants made of specific synthetic materials which have undergone UV treatment.

Our artificial plants pass the UV 5000H test conducted by an independent third party laboratory, which gives us confidence to provide product warranty for the period of five to eight years.

  • Resistant to fading and cracking

  • Flawless, fresh look season after season

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